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Wk 1:  The CEO Mindset

Wk 2:  Creating a Practice Vision

Wk 3:  Leadership Habits and Accountability

Wk 4:  Time Management

Wk 5:  Practice Culture

Wk 6:  Problem Solving & Taking Action

-Live group coaching 

-Weekly Zoom 75-minutes 


Behind the Scenes of the Course

Maximize team efficiency

Win back your time

Achieve your practice goals

Behind the Scenes of this Course

Let's look behind the scenes week to week of what we will work through together to build your practice on the right business principles.


Continuing to develop your clinical skills is essential, but without spending time developing your leadership and business skills your clinical skills will never be leveraged.

Most practice owners are confident in their ability to deliver excellent clinical outcomes but struggle to find and implement business strategies that help them effectively lead their teams.

When practice owners realize their practice will never outperform the quality of their team, they understand that in order to grow their practice they must become better at leading their team.

It's hard enough developing clinical skills during the first five years out of dental school, but the idea of mastering all the aspects of the business side of dentistry can be paralyzing.

You know the feeling. You know what needs to happen, but your team is simply not taking ownership of their role, you are trying to create momentum, but no one is buying in.

That ends today!  By starting this leadership course, you are beginning to own your dental practice and build long term stability.


Group Coaching Options

Become The CEO Of Your Business By Designing Your Ideal Practice.

This Actionable And Practical Course Will Show You How To...

Establish team expectations

Clarify your team roles so they know exactly what you expect and what success looks like.

Delegate with Confidence

Your practice will take the next step when you learn to leverage your time.  Trust your team to take on new tasks.

Experience your Vision

Begin seeing positive daily progress toward a defined vision for your practice. 

Hey Doc,

From the moment we decide to start a business we envision things working in perfect harmony. We imagine ourselves producing results, attracting talented people who believe and support our vision and are committed to helping up accomplish it.
But what happens when the people you’re paying to solve problems and find solutions aren’t holding up their end of the bargain?
Look, I get it. I’ve worked with many practice owners who have experienced the same frustrations. The good news is, this 6-week course is the perfect solution you can implement for immediate improvements and long-term ROI.
Group Coaching Options

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